Walking Floor Trailers

McGuire Haulage walking floor trailers have capacity to load and unload a wide variety of products. We provide a number of floor slat options and carry loose bulk materials.

Our walking floor trailer offers a number of benefits compared to standard truck bodies. They provide an efficient solution for loading and unloading loose material without requiring any additional equipment. Walking floor trailers- a type of ejector trailer - are also well suited to accommodating longer loads and enabling them to be removed from the load space without requiring side panels to be opened or removed completely.

Our walking floor trailers are capable of handling materials such as:
  • General Goods
  • Bulk Materials
  • Waste/Recyclables
mcguire haulage walking floor trailers photo

The loading and unloading of loose materials can be a time-consuming and labour intensive task, requiring extra machinery to be brought in to haul the contents of a trailer to the intended destination. In addition to allowing loose material to be accommodated quickly and effectively in the rear, the moveable conveyor-style floor system will help to deposit the load in full later. This can be achieved in a very short space of time making them an excellent solution for waste management and recycling as well as the construction industry.

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